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UNIFORM - 2021

Uniform is a great way of being apart of a team, group, family and making our classes look and feel equal.

Representing the studios you train at its always to best part getting your studio hoody or t-shirt, here at Scandalous is no different. 

Scandalous Uniform form 2021 will be provided buy 

Uniform is require in all classes attended which we encourage you take a look our own uniform range but if this isn't what you are wanting to purchase right now then we have a strict ALL BLACK plain with no logos or brands policy in place for 2021.

Uniform is required for all classes, no exceptions with the following classes compulsory wearing of: 

Technique, Modern, Kick leaps & Turns, Stretch & Acro classes.

No loose fitted clothing , must be able to see the body in full



Sports Crop top

Dance pants 

Dance shorts

Cycle shorts

Tight lycra vest

Black opaque tights 

   Hair to be up and off the face, either bun or French plaits.

Street, Commercial & Conditioning classes. 

Plain black or Scandalous uniform to be worn




Cropped Tshirt

Vest top 



Camo Pants

Hair up and off face at all times.

No jewellery can be worn in any class including, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Anklets etc. 

No school uniform or school shoes can be worn into take part in ANY CLASS, we advise wearing something comfy and able to stretch and move in as listed above. 

Please follow the instructions below to get onto our online uniform shopping cart with Squad Dance wear. 

1. Click the button / or link below

2. Register your email address as asked on first click onto the site

(note your password will be sent to you via email once you enter and accept )

3. Check emails (junk) for your squad wear account details including the password which is generated for you. (copy this)

4. Click back on to the button across or link below log into your account with your email and password from your acceptance email to browse and buy our uniform

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