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Unit 3, Denby Dale Industrial Park, HD8 8QH

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Our Classes 

Scandalous offer open classes to all students giving them a chance to get a feel for choreography and different styles within the class genre. All our teachers are professional trained & worked professionally within the industry, giving our students the best knowledge and opportunity possible. 

Acro - Acrobatic arts accredited - Learning fundamental foundations of gymnastics, tumbling and core strength. Step by step tuition on progressing through different tricks and skills within Acro. 

Modern / Jazz - Combinations and corner work with choreography within different styles of Modern and Jazz.

Radar Technique  - Radar Technique, developed and created by Rebecca Davies, is the world’s most popular and constantly evolving technical training method used by dancers, gymnasts and artistic athletes. working on developing kicks, leaps, turns & Jumps.

Stretch and Limber - warming and stretching muscles in preparation for leaps jumps and all form of loose kicks and benefiting from a muscle stretch looking after growth in the body. 

Street dance - A fusion of hiphop and street style learning basic drills, progressing through routines and stylised  choreography to build progression each week.

Commercial - Influenced by Jazz and Street dance commercial is the dance style you see behind all the big stars on tour and in music videos. Extremely sassy and lots of energy focusing on style and strength within weekly choreography.

Exam Classes

Offering students the opportunity to take exams, graded work gives a journey of progression and success within technique and foundation of dance. 

I.S.T.D Examination board 
Classes:  Modern / Jazz

Urdang Syllabus  - Street dance & Commercial 
Classes: Street & Commercial