About Us

Where it all began 


Opening our doors in 2012 we discovered there was a lack of street dance associated schools in West Yorkshire. Working alongside Scissett Middle School, we opened our school using their hall in after school hours. From there the company flourished, learning and performing locally around Yorkshire. The Founder Alicia Brady wanted to bring a new vibe to the meaning of 'Dance School' which she did gaining over 35 students within the first week. 

Scandalous has really grown over the past 6 years with students over the count of 90.  

Run by two directors Alicia & Micheala Brady, both who have worked in the professional entertainment industry, offering experience and advice to all students.  

In February 2017 we reached the stage where we needed to open our very own studios, in which we turned a dark, dirty industrial building into our #TeamScandalous family dance home. From this, we are now able to offer classes and opportunities that are endless. 

Who we are


Here at Scandalous we are well known in the North and throughout the dance industry for creating a merge of Theatre & Street, with a touch of technique and a jazz flair.

We train all our students to a high level to be able to move them onto the well-known dance colleges throughout the UK, to chase the dream of a dancers life.


Creating and thinking outside the box is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Training across all genres and being able to work in our very own Tumble room helps us to work on all the up and coming tricks and flips, now needed to wow audiences. We really do offer more than just a 'Dance school'.

We have been extremely lucky to have worked alongside many big brand names and people who love what Scandalous bring to the stage.

We would like to thank; ITV, BBC Look North, Sky Showcase, BBC radio1, HSBC, British Cycling, Physical education national association, Morrisons, HTFC, Pulse Radio, Bodyshop UK, Teenstar, Britain Does Variety, Coronation Street, Dancefest, Leeds United, Leeds Merrion Centre, Huddersfield Piazza, Cabaret Saltaire & Steve Huison (full monty & Coronation street)

& many more....

The Future Sounds Good


As a team and a dance family, here at Scandalous, we strive to always be looking ahead and achieving the best opportunities and achievements within the dance and entertainment industry. 

Competing against some of the biggest named groups in the industry, we don't shy away from learning from all performances and experiences to make our students and our company grow.  


#Positivevibesonly Scandalous have a very exciting future, growing and gaining from each other. Having some of the best teachers in the country coming in as Guest Teachers offering workshops in all styles & established residential teachers working endlessly to gain the best we can from #TEAMSCANDALOUS there is only one way we are heading and that is up up up.


Offering performance, experiences & Competing opportunities throughout the Uk.


Scandalous have recently been shown on Britains got talent 2020 as "The Coven", check out their act on Youtube.

  Steve Huison
Patron - Steve Huison

We are very excited and humbled to have our very own Patron Steve Huison who is our representative for 

Scandalous Productions.

Steve is best known for his role as Lomper, in the massively successful box office hit 

The Full Monty (1997). 

 From 2008 to 2011, Huison played Eddie Windass in Coronation Street.


Credits: The Navigators (2001), Casualty, Where the Heart Is,

Dinnerladies, Heartbeat, The Royle Family, Scott & Bailey, and the ITV post-apocalyptic drama serial The Last Train & CBBC series 4 O'Clock Club



When I was at state comprehensive school in Leeds in the 1970’s I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take Music, Drama and Art as my subjects. This was frowned upon by some staff who thought I needed to focus more on other academic and science subjects in order to furnish myself with better work prospects in the future. Now, in my mid-fifties, I’m pleased to be able to say that I still rely on all three of those subjects for work. I’m extremely grateful of those skills, and the teachers who persistently fought my corner and gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the arts. This is why I’m proud to be asked to be a patron of this new and exciting foundation course, and to hopefully give young people the opportunity to start their careers in the arts.